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Tickets for the gig in Valhalla Köln on July 1st available here!

After exactly 25 years and 197 days FLYING SKULL will return LIVE!!!

Monday, February 20th, 2023, 9 p.m.!!!

FLYING SKULL with both songs of the new single in the program "Rock Alive" in the web radio of RADIO PARANOID.

Switch on!!!


Here it is finally – Our Pre-Single WE ARE METAL from the album OBSCURITA, which should be released in the middle of 2023.

Available as digital download on or it can be ordered physically here on the homepage (CDS/SHIRTS-button). WE ARE METAL can also be heard on YouTube.

Two songs: WE ARE METAL is of course about what we are! And I FEEL GOOD is dedicated to a certain group of people who where every metalhead's best friend in the late 70's/early 80's … Some still exist … FUCK THEM ALL!!!

Black clouds in the sky? Maybe, but a lonely light breaks through the darkness and the impossible actually becomes true: On February 1st, 2023, FLYING SKULL will release the CD-Single (!) WE ARE METAL!!! More information here in february...

Also the mastering is finished and thus the complete new recording completed! Be curious what happens next - we are!!!!

The mixing itself is also done, so we can now turn to the mastering steps. But as always with us: changes in between can always be possible!?

With the support of some helpful voices (biggest thanx to Rolf, Svenja + Wollo!!!) we finally finished the recording of the new album by singing the backing vocals!

Lead vocals are almost completely recorded except for 2 songs. In the meantime we have even started the mixing of the material which is already completely available!

Unfortunately we haven't made much progress since the last entry. In terms of recording, Björn is currently unable to sing because he works as an actor. And as far as the live sector is concerned: Will it ever be possible to play concerts in their original form again? In any case, so called gigs in front of cars or beach chairs are definitely not our thing!

More than half of the lead vocals have now been recorded. Along with a few corrections to the drums and sing in the backing vocals, the recording is nearing completion!

We recently found a wonderful review of our REVELATION album (released nearly 30 years ago!) In Encyclopaedia Metallum. Whoever the author may be: Thank you very much for that !

The recordings of the lead-guitars are completely finished. What is missing are the vocals, and so Björn has meanwhile occupied his command post …

For the nostalgics among you: FLYING SKULL has put all setlists from the period 1982-1997 on! (... if available. Most of them are ...)

Another step forward with the new recording: solo parts of Roland are finished. That of Florian partially, but finally this poor guy has a lot more to do!

Actually part of the band for a long time, but now officially introduced - Please welcome Mr. Fabian Arenz alla batteria!!! For further information, please click his profile-button.

Drums for the next album are also finished - The new permanent drummer will be presented here soon!

Unfortunately not much happened during last year, although we were not lazy: Again changed the rehearsal room, practice with our new drummer (which we will soon introduce here …), and the recording of the bass guitar is finally finished (as the photo with blissful Kirsten shows…)! Definitely more will happen soon... so at least we hope...

Too late for a Merry Christmas, but not for a Happy New Year. We were not lazy: Rhythm guitars done !!! --- 11 songs --- 44 distortion tracks --- 8 times clean --- 1 acoustic --- Pretty obscure !??

Long time ago since the last entry, but after some changes (new rehearsal room, new technical equipment), we are now back on track and started recording our new album. All clean and acoustic parts are finished, distorted rhythm guitars will follow soon!

Our series of "Secret Gigs" is over now - five nice tests before we are released to the rest of mankind. Even if (not yet) everything has worked out: Thank you for the support to all who have been there!!!

Although we now have almost finished our "secret gig"- leg (5 non-public gigs within Cologne), we unfortunately have to inform you that our first public appearance is indefinitely postponed because Björn is active for some months as actor in Berlin. Regardless of that the progress of our pre-production goes on: two more songs are completed ! Good news, right? Say: "Yes!!!"


The pre-production of our new album has begun - Five songs are finished, the ideas for five to six more are present, but it still requires some efforts to complete them. Meanwhile we are also within the preparations for a gig in a well-known Cologne Metal Pub in the end of 2016 to present the songs from "Sign of the Brave" at least one time live. The exact date has to be announced - So: Look out!

Finally the last song from the SIGN OF THE BRAVE - EP to listen on YouTube: EIGHT-NINE. Strange to say: There already exist audio / video files in the internet, but these ones have neither anything to do with SIGN OF THE BRAVE nor with FLYING SKULL at all!

And another song to listen to on our YouTube channel: RED DEATH! Still actual, even though we temporarily work on songs for a new release...

Now it's time to introduce our new bass player!!!
After much testing/casting we've chosen Kirsten Saager. Like Elmar she's involved in FLYING SKULL since 1985, f.e. light mixing in the 80s or management/promotion activities in the early 90s. And: observant visitors of our homepage will quickly realize that this sweet femininity was already active on four strings by playing the intro of the song LONESOME CHILD on our last recording.

Kirsten in front of her home-equipment

LONESOME CHILD, another song from our still actual recording SIGN OF THE BRAVE, is now to listen on our YouTube channel.

We have made the decision for a new fixed bass player! More information soon ...

A long time ago since our last message, but because of a sad family event we had stopped all activities. But on we go! Currently we do several rehearsals to find a substitute for Elmar and finally a fixed drummer. In the meantime we proudly present our first band-shirt! If you're interested, please press the SHOP-button!

For those who might be wondering why nothing happened: Well, in the midst of our preparations to return to the live sector, our bassist and friend Elmar (member of the band since 1985!) left us. Unfortunately he hasn't the will to strike live again. Nevertheless: Only a short break, but we go on !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU !!! And: FLYING SKULL is represented with the song EVIL COLD on the brand new Podast Vol.31 "Metal never die!" of the german ETERNITY MAGAZIN!

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